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Tuck Creek Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization, Burlington, Ontario

Client: City of Burlington

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Valdor Engineering Inc. was retained by the City of Burlington to complete an erosion control study, detailed design and construction supervision for an approx. 800 m reach of Tuck Creek between Upper Middle Road and Palmer Drive that was previously identified as a priority site in need of mitigation due to erosion.  Within the subject reach, four key erosion sites were identified that were in poor condition, 

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some of which were threatening adjacent private property. The main objective of the erosion control study was to develop an approach that would facilitate improvements to currently eroded areas, protecting the watercourse from further erosion.  Project tasks included an environmental assessment (incl. background review, topographic survey, geotechnical investigations, species at risk assessment, vegetation survey, wildlife survey, storm outfall assessment, geomorphic assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic assessment), the preparation and evaluation of erosion mitigation options, selection of the preferred mitigation solution, preliminary and detailed design, agency approvals, contract administration and construction services.  The implementation of the selected mitigation works included vegetated stone buttresses, channel realignment and storm sewer outfall improvements.  The project was completed following the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (Schedule B).

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