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Our Mission
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About Us

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Our Mission

VALDOR Engineering Inc. is an employee-owned consulting civil engineering firm providing land development and municipal engineering services to both private and public sector clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and South Central Ontario. Valdor prides itself in providing customized, cost-effective and innovative engineering solutions. Founded in 1992, VALDOR has become a recognized and well respected firm offering project management, engineering design, stormwater management and contract administration services in fields of municipal works, water resources, subdivision and site development. For more information related to the services we provide, or to request a proposal, please contact our Senior Project Managers, David Giugovaz, P.Eng., LEED® AP ( or Peter Zourntos, P.Eng., C.Eng. (

VALDOR WATER RESOURCES formed in response to the demand for private and municipal projects to achieve compliance with the evolving and increasingly stringent stormwater management (SWM) criteria in Southern Ontario. This specialized team undertakes complex assignments in the areas of flood plain management, creek restoration and SWM including projects following the Municipal Class EA process. In the field of flood plain management, VALDOR has expertise in floodplain mapping and the preparation of flood remediation studies using MIKE FLOOD 2D modelling software for municipalities and conservation authorities who seek solutions for their flood vulnerable urban areas. With regards to SWM, VALDOR’s expertise includes the design and modelling of SWM facilities and retrofits including peak flow control, water quality treatment, erosion analysis as well as assessments related to water balance and phosphorus loading. For more information related to our Water Resources services, or to request a proposal, please contact our Head of Water Resources, Bill Coffey, M.Sc., P.Eng. (


The Partners

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B.A.Sc., P.Eng., C.Eng.

Peter Zourntos

Head of Municipal Design

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B.a.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP

David Giugovaz

Senior Project Manager

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M.Sc., P.Eng.

Bill Coffey

Head of Water Resources

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Daniela Fanone


Health and Safety Policy
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Health & Safety Policy

VALDOR Engineering Inc. is committed to the protection of our health and safety of our employees and the general public. We recognize, however, that our success will be the result of a sustained awareness in the workplace whether in the office or on the project sites. In this regard, VALDOR will strive to prevent workplace incidents and injuries and continually improve our health and safety performance through the involvement of everyone in the firm as well as all of the individuals, sub-consultants and contractors associated with out clients' project sites. In order to achieve our goal, VALDOR will:

  • Comply with all applicable health and safety regulations, ensure that specific client requirements are followed and apply the appropriate and accepted standards and practices for our industry.

  • Ensure that our employees have the equipment and training necessary to perform their function safely, that they are aware of their obligations to work safely as a condition of employment and that they must immediately report any unsafe conditions.

  • Promote a corporate culture in which all employees, sub-consultants and contractors share the commitment to health and safety.

  • Incorporate features in the design of our projects that eliminate unreasonable risk to health and safety.

  • Require that the construction practices of contractors and their subcontractors undertaking work for our clients must, as part of their contract, comply with all relevant health and safety legislation.

  • Learn from our collective experiences to prevent further incidents by investigating and determining their cause, reporting the results to all in the firm and implementing necessary actions to prevent their reoccurrence.

Nothing is more important than protecting the health and safety of our employees and everyone who enters our workplace. These corporate commitments will be achieved through continual attention to design, training and equipment by everyone in the firm as mandated in our established written policy. All staff including supervisors and management is dedicated to reducing the risks to health and safety. A copy of our Health & Safety Manual is available upon request.

VALDOR Engineering Inc. is a member in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.

Environmental Sustainability Policy
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Sustainability Policy

VALDOR Engineering Inc. is committed to the protection of the natural environment and the integration of sustainability considerations into the operation of our office work space and the design of our client's projects. As consulting engineers our projects still dictate that we use a lot of paper to print our reports and plans, and with projects across Southern Ontario, we unavoidably have to travel to meet with our clients and fulfil project demands. The design of our client's projects require the careful considerations of impacts to the environment and the implementation of measures for protection and enhancement. Furthermore, the nature of our client's projects require the use of valuable natural resources including water, wood, aggregates, steel and oil.

VALDOR will strive to reduce impact on the environment by minimizing the use of resources and by reducing emissions. In order to achieve this goal, VALDOR will:

  • Purchase office supplies such as recycled bond paper and office equipment that are certified green products wherever possible with proof of third party certification (i.e. Forest Stewardship Council, EcoLogo, Green Seal, Energy Star).

  • Establish double sided printing as the default setting for the office printers and photocopiers.

  • Avoid the use of plastic materials such as covers and bindings in the preparation of design reports.

  • Recycle office waste including paper, cardboard and plastics with special attention for the safe disposal of office electronic equipment and batteries. Place recycle containers throughout the office to encourage their use.

  • Re-use office waste paper by making notepads and scrap paper.

  • Improve the office work space environment with plants to help improve aesthetics and indoor air quality of the work spaces.

  • Where possible teleconferencing will be utilized to minimize the need for our staff to travel. Electronic mail will be used to transfer plans and reports whenever possible to minimize the use of courier services.

  • Train our staff in the benefits of environmental sustainability and encourage them to become LEED accredited.

  • Encourage the use of recycled products in the construction of our client's projects including recycled asphalt product and crushed concrete where it is feasible to do so.

  • Prepare designs for our clients that have regard for the protection and enhancement of environmental features.

  • Require that the construction practices of contractors undertaking work for our clients comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

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Corporate Memberships
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Corporate & Professional Memberships 

VALDOR Engineering Inc. maintains corporate memberships with leading organizations within their practice areas in order to keep up to date with important industry trends, advances in technology, new regulations, emerging industry standards and changes in the policies of approval authorities including provincial ministries and conservation authorities as well as regional and municipal governments.


All of our Engineers and Technologists maintain their professional memberships in good standing. Maintaining these memberships fosters quality and ethical performance. VALDOR promotes professional development and continuing education of their technical staff, aiding them in keeping up to date with professional requirements.


The following is a listing of our corporate and professional memberships:

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