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Valdor has prepared septic system designs for home owners and custom estate home builders throughout the rural areas of Southern Ontario where municipal sanitary sewer systems are not available. 


In the case of new homes, our staff work with the builder and architect to site the dwelling and integrate the grading in a manner that provides sufficient area for the installation of cost effective septic system.  Depending on the size of the dwelling (floor area, number of bedrooms and fixture units), lot area, soil and groundwater conditions we have designed both Conventional Systems (tile beds & filter beds / raised and in-ground) as well as Tertiary Treatment Systems.


Our typical designs are for individual septic systems up to a daily design sewage flow of 10,000 litres per day which are regulated under Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code (OBC).

Septic System Design

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Valdor Engineering Inc. is a member of the Ontario On-Site Wastewater Association.

Tertiary Treatment Systems

Tertiary Treatment Systems reduce the strength of sewage effluent which allows the leaching bed size to be reduced by to up to one half of that of a conventional system making them ideal for properties with limited available space.  There are a several Tertiary Treatment Systems that are approved for such use under the Ontario Building Code including the Waterloo Biofilter®, the Ecoflo Biofilter® and others.


Renovations / Additions

Building permit applications for renovations and additions, in areas where there are no municipal sanitary sewer systems, typically require a review and assessment of the existing septic system to determine that it is capable of supporting the additional flow and to confirm that the existing system is functioning properly.  Valdor can conduct a review and assessment and provide recommendations for modifications to the system or a replacement, if necessary, to accommodate your building plans.


Functional Servicing Reports

Valdor has prepared several functional servicing reports related to development applications for estate residential subdivisions and rural land severances.  Our reports include the preliminary sizing and layout of septic systems in conjunction with a conceptual grading design to demonstrate that the proposed lots are of sufficient size to accommodate the dwelling, septic system and amenity areas.

Septic System Projects
Consulting Engineers & Project Managers
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