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Sustainable Design - LEED Developments
Consulting Civil Engineers - Site Services, Grading & Stormwater Management
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VALDOR has developed several specialized areas of practice related to site plan engineering design, including high-rise mixed use developments, townhouse developments, industrial / commercial developments, educational facilities, seniors buildings and long term care facilities, affordable housing, parks and recreation, municipal buildings, healthcare facilities, places of worship, libraries, aboriginal housing and LEED developments.



Servicing and Grading Design

Stormwater Management

Design of External Works

Site Access Improvements

Erosion and Sediment Control

Contract Administration

Site Inspections

As a member of the Canada Green Building Council, VALDOR has an in-depth knowledge of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program of sustainable design and construction. LEED® accreditation demonstrates our staff commitment to the understanding and implementation of green building and site practices. 


Our focus on low impact development (LID), at-source, practices such as green roofs, bio-retention, permeable pavement, soak-way pits and rainwater harvesting will assist in achieving the sustainable goals of our clients and the emerging requirements of approval authorities.  VALDOR is ready to collaborate with your design team and integrate our sustainable site solutions on your next project.


A selection of SUSTAINABLE DESIGN - LEED DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS for which VALDOR has provided a variety of engineering services is provided below.


Springdale Library & Neighbourhood Park                      10705 Bramalea Road, Brampton                       




Scheduled to start construction in January 2016, Valdor’s site servicing design includes a cistern and a bio-retention swale.  The cistern will receive runoff from the water play splash pad which will be re-used for landscape irrigation. The building also has a green roof and a separate cistern which stores roof runoff for toilet flushing.


Owner:     City of Brampton

Architect: RDH Architects Inc.

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Daniels High Rise Condominium      

246 & 252 Sackville Street, Regent Park, Toronto


CaGBC No. 10638, Apr 5, 2013

This 224 unit condominium building was constructed by Daniels Corporation for the Toronto Community Housing Corporation as part of the first phase of the Regent Park Re-Development. Valdor’s site servicing and stormwater management design was co-ordinated with Toronto Community Housing’s subdivision design.  The stormwater management solution for this project included a green roof, detention tank and infiltration in the form of Atlantis TanksTM in the boulevard for the irrigation of street trees.


Owner:      Toronto Community Housing Corp.

Architect:  Architects Alliance

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Royal Botanical Gardens

Camilla & Peter Dalglish Atrium     

680 Plains Rd. W., Burlington                  



CaGBC No. 10773, Feb. 9, 2011


The site servicing and grading design for this gateway building included the sunken terraces and a parking lot expansion at Canada’s largest botanical garden. Collaboration with consulting team and stormwater analysis integrating measures such as oil / grit separator for stormwater quality treatment and cistern for rainwater re-use for landscape irrigation.


   Owner:     Royal Botanical Gardens

   Architect:  Diamond & Schmitt Architects Inc.

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Old Post Office – Idea Exchange & Restaurant          

12 Water Street South, Cambridge                                     


This project involves the restoration and additions to the 1885-built Galt post office into a modern digital library with a restaurant.  The work will include a glass cantilever extension over-looking the Grand River to become the nation’s first totally digital library.  The site servicing design included special flap gates for drainage through the existing flood wall to provide flood protection.  The stormwater management analysis incorporated the benefits from the green roof and detention / retention tank which will be used for peak flow control and water re-use for toilet flushing.  Construction is scheduled to commence in late 2015.


Owner:     City of Cambridge

Architect:  RDH Architects Inc.

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Harry Howell (North Wentworth) Twin Pad Arena     

 27 Highway 5, Hamilton


CaGBC No. 12357

Named after Hamilton native Harry Howell who played more than 1,000 NHL games and repeated all-star games, this arena was completed in 2012.


Valdor’s site servicing and grading design for this project included the storm drainage design for the 300 space parking lot. Various low impact development (LID) measures were considered in order to treat the storm runoff from the parking lot.  A series of bio-retention swales were selected as the preferred solution in order to satisfy Sustainable Site Credit 6.2.


Owner:    City of Hamilton

Architect: RDH Architects Inc.

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Burlington Performing Arts Centre                   

440 Locust Street, Burlington



CaGBC No. 11296, Oct 10, 2012


Collaboration with consulting team and stormwater analysis integrating oil / grit separator for stormwater quality treatment and design of sediment control measures. The Burlington Performing Arts Centre is a state of the art multi-purpose facility and includes a main theatre to accommodate theatrical and musical productions, a studio theatre to be used for community presentations, and a lobby that to serve as a venue for receptions, exhibitions, corporate functions and civic events.


Owner:     City of Burlington

Architect:  Diamond & Schmitt Architects Inc.

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York Region Affordable Housing                                   

10415 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill



This affordable housing project for York Region involved a 10 storey building containing 202 apartment units. The design included a bio-retention swale to address the Town’s Low Impact Development (LID) criteria. The bio-retention swale was supplemented with an oil / grit separator in order to achieve LEED® Sustainable Site Credit 6.2.  Occupancy is scheduled for early 2016.


Owner:     Region of York

Architect: Their & Curran Architects Inc.

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